Que lo Que con QueQue?

(What’s the deal with QueQue?)

Authentic, hand-made Dominican street food & luscious tropical fruit batidos. What more could you want? Let us take you on a trip to ‘La Isla de Maravillas’. Vamo’ pa ya!

About QueQue

Picture this: It’s a hot, sunny day in the Dominican Republic. You’re walking past the ‘colmado’ (bodega) and hear the tropical rhythms of Sergio Vargas singing ‘La quiero a morir’, which inevitably puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face. There’s a group of abuelos sitting around playing dominos just outside the entrance, taking life as it comes and enjoying some playful banter.

Suddenly you nose is filled with a delicious scent. You turn around to see a small street food cart with a queue forming in front of it. You go over to see what’s on offer. The young man greets you with “Que lo que? Quieres una empanada?”. You nod excitedly. He begins rolling out some dough with a glass bottle, then fills it with chicken and cheese and expertly seals it with a fork. He throws it in the hot oil and the smell makes your mouth water.

He takes it out, wraps it in some paper and hands it to you with a big smile on his face. It’s hot so you nibble the corner. The pastry is exquisite! You can’t wait for it to cool down so you bravely take a huge bite. As you break through the crispy, golden pastry, there is an explosion of flavour in your mouth. Heaven. You realise your eyes have been closed this whole time, and when you open them, you’re actually at QueQue’s street food stand in London!


“Fantastic family run establishment”

The best food I’ve had in such a long time. Hearty and filling, so delicious and clearly made with love and passion. Must visit if you are nearby and want an amazing experience!

“The Best Empanadas I’ve ever had”

“Along with the decor being beautiful, the food is amazing! Seriously, the vegetable and cheese empanada is amazing. The milkshakes are actual milkshakes and we all know that’s a treat in Madrid. Also, the service is fantastic, which that’s not something that Madrid is known for. Normally, the service in Madrid is NOT good, but at Keyaan’s (now known as QueQue), you actually feel like you’re a part of the family!!!! I recommend this place 1000%”

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